Athletic Performance Training through Mind Potential Northwest offers an avenue for athletes to experience him or herself at his or her best.  To be the very best at your sport, it is essential to master the mental aspect, as well as the technical skills. An athlete’s ability to focus, concentrate, respond, and regulate physical, mental, and emotional states of arousal is key to optimal performance.  Since the brain is the command center that drives this performance, how it functions will greatly impact an athlete’s ability to focus, to control the speed of reaction, the efficiency of motor movement, emotional reactivity, and ability to mentally recover after an error. When the brain is able to efficiently function, an athlete is better at performing under pressure, sustaining focus, and mentally resetting during competition.Performance Training through Mind Potential Northwest is for individuals who are looking to improve performance in a variety of sports including golf, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, polo, tennis, swimming and dressage.  As well as this system being used by many professional, elite and serious athletes, many of our clients are simply looking to reach their own personal goals in their sport. That isn’t always about becoming Open Champion, World Champion or Olympian, but perhaps it’s about looking to knock a few points of your handicap or improve on your personal best.

Even though athletes report that during competition their mental attitudes account for 80% or more of their success, few training programs systematically train athletes to control this mental asset.  That’s what sets us apart.  Mind Potential Northwest’s Performance Training program will teach you how to access an optimal state of physical and mental presence.  This awareness allows you to take into consideration & adjust accordingly to internal factors such as heart rate, breathing, mental state, & physical state, and external variables like noise, weather, & distractions.  Each of these may compromise your performance if appropriate adjustments and compensations are not made. We help you learn to do that for yourself.

The vast majority of athletes that participate in our Performance Training programs mention the most noticeable change after undergoing a few sessions is improved quality of sleep. This is of course very important, as sleep quality is linked to muscle repair, improved motor functions, reaction time and overall recovery, enabling athletes to train and play at a high level day in and day out. Research has shown that individuals who do not obtain quality sleep are not able to recover well and continue to have brainwave patterns during the day that negatively affect their ability to focus and concentrate. Along with improving overall recovery and ability to focus, slow wave sleep patterns increase human growth hormone, which is a primary driver for muscle mass formation which translates to strength and endurance, and underlies the repair of damaged muscle tissue.

Athletes wouldn’t consider entering a competition without physically training and conditioning, in preparation for the event.  Now, with Mind Potential Northwest’s Performance Training, using the technology of EEG Biofeedback (a brain wave training technique), athletes can also strengthen and condition their mind, maximizing the potential of their most valuable asset.  If you want to be the best athlete you can be, you must do exercises to condition and sharpen your sensory system, as well as your physical body.

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