​Darla A. Meulemans, MA, CADC III, QMHP-C, OMC

Master’s Level Clinician
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Certified Qualified Mental Health Professional
Othmer Method Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner
Othmer Method Professional Mentor
Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist 


Darla is a master’s trained mental health & wellness professional, who is passionate about bringing forth the inner resources and individual gifts of her clients. She is a dedicated role model, professional coach & mentor, a Certified Othmer Method Neurofeedback Practitioner and Mentor, and her resilience promoting work looks to promote whole health & personal wellbeing, along with a philosophy of living that fosters fulfillment and harmony in life. Darla is committed to assisting her clients in their healing process and honors multiple paths to creating an experience of total health – mind, body, spirit.

Darla understands addiction & mental health treatment, human relations, the brain and neuroscience, nutrition and fitness, the demands of business, the art of leadership, and the fundamentals of peak sports performance. She has extensive experience working with clients who experience mood instabilities and emotional regulation challenges, focus and performance issues, as well as compulsive behaviors and sleep disturbances. Darla has a background in child and adolescent psychology and has dedicated most of her professional career to working with abused children and emotionally troubled adolescents and their families. She was inspired to bring out the health and creative potential in her clients and joyfully engaged them through recreation, art, music, dance, and experiential therapy.

Darla’s loves working with entrepreneurs to launch programs that are aligned with their life mission.  She enjoys developing innovative health & human spirit promoting programs for businesses and organizations. She has custom designed programs and retreats for non-profit mental health & addiction treatment centers, public schools, hospitals, community based human service agencies, corporations and individuals. She has successfully led Management Teams and their employees through organizational restructuring, and has facilitated change processes for health care institutions, environmental engineering firms, treatment centers, investment firms, and other small businesses and mid size corporations. Darla is founder of the Awakening Wisdom Online Programs which provide the knowledge & tools individuals need to transform their lives and access whole brain resilience.

Darla has combined her professional training and experience in Human Relations, Organizational Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, and Energy Medicine with her intuition, compassion, and desire for creative expression. Her therapeutic counseling, coaching and consultation style is candid and direct, yet gentle and playful. Darla holds a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology, and is a Master’s Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Certified & Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP-C) . Her interest in Mind / Body Medicine led her to pursue training in multiple healing modalities including Holistic Nutrition,  Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Intuitive Shamanic Counseling, and EEG Biofeedback /Neurofeedback.  Her main focus since 2008 has been on the clinical and peak performance applications of Neurofeedback for youth and adults. Darla has presented at the EEG Info Advanced Clinical Summit and in 2019, she joined the teaching team at the EEG Institute where she facilitates their Introductory Course in Neurofeedback and provides professional consultation to Neurofeedback Practitioners.   Additionally, she is certified in Holistic Nutrition and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These methods combined, allow Darla to offer a unique approach to supporting and enhancing health, well being, and success within all the clients she serves.

In 2020, Darla launched Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Online Programs to serve the growing needs outside her local community, to assist people struggling with stress related mental health symptoms and nervous system dysregulation. All of her programs combine cutting edge neuroscience with practical, natural remedies and the timeless wisdom of the ages. This allows her clients to move beyond emotional overload to finding resolve from their painful pasts, and learning strategies that actually change the way their brain is wired.

Want to know why Darla is so passionate about assisting clients in shifting their lives in the direction of optimal health, vitality, meaning and fulfillment on all levels — Mind, Body and Spirit?

Because she’s walked a day in those shoes of feeling like her brain had a mind of its own. She knows what it feels like to  be locked in to emergency mode – – struggling to manage stress, feeling overwhelmed & “too sensitive”. 

She’s dedicated her career to sharing what’s she learned about the principles that underlie human psychology and why knowing how to navigate the ins and outs of a dysregulated nervous system is so important in changing the trajectory of your life. This is why she will offer some of the most practical, at home strategies to you, so you can build your own roadmap to sustainable mental and emotional health. 

Contact Darla at [email protected] or (503) 757-9557.