Custom Programs & Solutions

Awaken… Evolve… Inspire… Transform…

Designed Specifically To Meet Your Needs & Goals

A custom designed program for your business may be the key to unlocking your employee’s potential and producing swift and long lasting results.  Programs are individualized and tailored to meet the personal and professional needs and desired outcomes of each client/group. Many programs combined mentoring and coaching sessions with Neurofeedback Brain Training.

All Programs are guided by the following principles and concepts:

  • Each and every human being has within them the potential to experience wellness and balance — wisdom and peace.
  • Awareness, Information & insight are necessary components to facilitating change & growth.
  • Patterns that interfere with function, natural order and innate wisdom are learned and can therefore be intentionally redirected.
  • In spite of our patterns, every individual is capable of shifting in a way that allows them to harness the power of their mind.
  • Joy, kindness, meaning, fulfillment, abundance, and success are within reach for everyone, regardless of circumstance.

Sample Program Objectives & Outcomes

Employees Report:

Improved Sleep, More Energy, Inspiration & Motivation

Stable Moods -Reduced Depression & Overwhelm

Decreased Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Anger & Aggression

More Patience, Empathy, Attachment & Social Consciousness

Decreased ADD / ADHD Symptoms

Improved Learning & Academic Performance

Increased Clarity of Thought, Better Focus, Reduced Distractions  & Fewer Competing Thoughts

Decrease in Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms (intrusive memories, nightmares, flashbacks, etc.)

Decreased Obsessive Thoughts, Feelings & Desires

Decreased Compulsive Behaviors (Eating & Exercise, Gambling, Substance Abuse)

Increased Confidence in Life Choices

Sustained Peace of Mind

Deepened Connections in Relationships

Improved Communication & Conflict Resolutions Skills

Relief from Physical & Emotional Pain (Tension Headaches, Injuries, Accidents)

Improved Health (Reduction of Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel,  and Improved Immune Response)

Reduction in Use of Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Medications

Workplace / Company Outcomes Include:

Reduction in Costly Mistakes

Improved Productivity

Increased Employee Efficiency, Effectiveness, & Satisfaction

Decreased Stress & Burnout

Decreased Absenteeism

Decreased Health Care Costs

Improved Professionalism

Improved Consumer Satisfaction

Increased Inspiration, Creativity, & Vision

Improved Performance and Business Competence

Enhanced Interpersonal and Problem Solving skills

Enhanced Skill Related to Working with Clients with Complex Mental Health & Addiction Behaviors

Note:  Program results vary between individuals and within organizations depending on presenting circumstances and underlying physiological and psychological conditions.  Outcomes also depend upon each Client’s willingness to fully commit to making changes in mental habits and behavioral patterns, thus shifting the neural pathways within the brain and the body.

For more information on a program to specifically meet your individual needs, or the needs of your company, contact [email protected] or call (503)757-9557.