“You Are What You Eat” So Eat Wise!”

There is a new field on the rise called Neuro-Nutritional Healing.  It’s about nourishing the brain and body through lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and supplementation, so that your are maximizing your potential to recover and thrive.  A few years back, I found that many of my clients, in spite of best intentions, were having trouble following through on what they said they wanted to change in their lives. It was at this time that I recognized that it was necessary to get their biology on board with their intentions.  Neurofeedback helps improve brain performance, but without proper fuel, the brain continues to struggle to do its job well.

Do you feel like you set goals and know what you want but you just can’t muster up the energy to get it all done?  Do you feel irritable, have difficulty focusing, feel flat emotionally – nothing interests you anymore?  Or do you feel overwhelmed by even the smallest event?  Do you cry easily, or just feel overly sensitive – taking things personally?  You might be eating your fruits and veggies but you may not have the formula to adequately nourish your body and nurture your brain.

Sometimes there are underlying imbalances within the body that need to be addressed in order for the brain to work optimally.  Addressing these imbalances may take many forms such as optimizing a good mood food plan, balancing hormones, reducing systemic inflammation, cleaning up digestion, including detoxification, boosting energy metabolism, and stabilizing brain chemicals.  These all offer keys to optimizing the overall health of the individual.

At Mind Potential NorthwestLLC, we will work with your health care provider to develop a plan to address your physical health so that brain health and function can be maximized.  We offer simple and natural solutions to compliment the care you are already receiving in order to create more balance and improve cellular function.  We will provide education and resources for nutritional healing for your brain, including information on the use of plant based essential oils and whole foods to heal common conditions and produce the results you want.

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Darla Meulemans received a Holistic Nutrition Specialist Certificate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2014.  She also has specialized training in the use of doTerra Essential Oils for balancing and optimizing brain health. Visit My Doterra Website for more information.