Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom  Online Programs

Fostering Mental Wellbeing and A “Self Healed” Mind Though Online Learning Resources!

 Self-education and personal development work is key to living well and online or e-learning has been trending for several years now, so it was time we created  some resources that were accessible to anyone with internet access. Since every human being has within them a well of wisdom, called “innate health” and “inner resilience”, and this resource can be shaped and cultivated, we’ve created a series of programs to guide and assist in the development of the mindset, skillset and reset remedies needed to become your own best medicine, allowing you to lead a brilliant and resilient life.

Our most popular programs are part of “The Resilience Reset”, which delivers to you the knowledge, tools, skills and protocols you need to confidently overcome any obstacle you face, live in a state of joy, and experience emotional balance as you navigate the ups and downs of life.  

We also offer custom designed online learning experiences for individuals and companies based on the same principles. Each of these programs has a similar structure and content with a neuroscience backed knowledge base, mindset and mental skill development, timeless natural healing protocols, personal inspiration, and a high level of support & accountability to ensure successful outcomes.

Our Online Programs vary in length, from hour long webinars, to one day Wellness Workshops, to 5 Day Challenges, to 2 week “Crash Courses”, to working with us for 12 Weeks or up to 6 Months as part of our “Resilience Reset Immersion Program” or “Inner Circle”. Each program combines some or all of the following components:

  • Pre-recorded lessons, learning modules and topic specific instructional video and/or audio files
  • Worksheets and/or exercises designed to shift patterns & help create new neural pathways
  • Research based Mind-Body tools (NeuroHacks) for restoring emotional balance & clearing roadblocks
  • Live Instruction, Group Coaching, Inspiration and Q & A Sessions
  • Individual Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Access to our help desk via “Brain Booster” email requests
  • Access to downloadable Bonus Materials
  • Access to our Private Facebook or Voxer Groups & Alumni Forums
  • An Integration Period with Built in Follow-up to ensure you stay on track
  • Access to a Continuation Program (additional fees apply)

 What is Whole Brain Wisdom?

“Whole Brain Wisdom” is the term we use to refer to your ability to be operating in your zone of genius where you are highly functional – using your logic, your intuition and experiencing overall mental clarity and emotional wellbeing.  This is You putting your best foot forward – tapping into your resilience, using your head and your heart, and being able to navigate the competing demands of today’s fast paced world, while keeping your bearings, overcoming obstacles and performing at your best. 

The goal of all our resilience promoting programs is to create a roadmap that leads to a “self healed” Mind – to guide you to develop whole brain wisdom by improving self regulation, building emotional intelligence, and enhancing brain function and performance across various settings. This might look like being calm & flexible, learning & recovering from mistakes & setbacks, thinking clearly, feeling creative, being responsive versus reactive, feeling grounded, intuitive and productive.  Basically, getting your brain to do what you want it to when you want it to. For some people this translates to better sleep, less emotional turmoil, better focus, more self trust, better interpersonal relationships, less reliance on “self-medication” or counter productive coping strategies. In sum, our programs will help you master your mind and choose how and when you express emotions, AND give you the ability to influence your own feelings, thoughts and physiology not matter what kind of pressure you’re under.

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Feeling like a part of you has been asleep at the wheel and you’ve lost site of who you really are and what makes you happy?  Has chronic stress, adverse childhood experiences, continuous demands, anxiety or overwhelm buried the person you long to be?  Have you forgotten what brings a smile to your face, makes your heart sing, and allows you to experience peace of mind and contentment?  Do you only rarely get a glimpse of the person you used to be or have always wanted to be?  Do you feel stuck in emergency mode (fight or flight) and can’t even think straight to know what direction you’d like to go in with your life?

For many of my clients, they find there life is lacking the luster they once hoped for. Some days it’s hard to get going because there isn’t much to look forward to. Some days their heads are spinning from the get go, scanning for what needs to be done as they juggle the multiple competing demands of family, household, projects, school or work responsibilities and deadlines. Others spin just trying to find something meaningful to do. Both can be painful and stressful. Did you know that inadequate relief of chronic stress is the main reason people get sick and develop chronic disease?  Let these feelings be your wake up call and Schedule A Call,  so you can get the guidance you need to make a shift to living your best life…

I’ve been working with clients for over 25 years who just want some answers and to better understand themselves so they feel more confident and empowered to handle life’s demands. I have witnessed remarkable transformations when my clients get inspired, feel supported & nurtured, and are given the know how to navigate their way through these storms.  My Awakening Wisdom Programs offer practical tools, strategies and exercises that are based in neuroscience and timeless wisdom and help my clients gain an understanding of their mental functioning so they can get out of emergency mode, restore emotional balance and access their “Wise Mind”.  All of this translates into feeling calmer, more focused, more responsive and connected.  This then leads to a more harmonious life, one in which you actually feel good and confident more often than not, instead of constantly feeling out of balance and like you have to always be on the defense.

If any of this resonates with you, I’d like to personally invite you to visit with me at no cost and with no obligation.  I just want you to get 100% clear about what’s holding you back from experiencing greater ease & joy, less anxiety, less emotional reactivity, more self trust and an improved quality of life. I love to help bridge the gap between your current pain and your absolute potential because it’s time you reclaim your health. If I can’t help, I’ll at least steer you toward some other possibilities.

Let’s make it happen!

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