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The Mind is like a warehouse of infinite possibilities and incredible potential. It is much more than just the brain — it is the combined intelligence of the human body and the formless wisdom that guides us through our life. This amazing energy pulses through us and breathes life into every experience from the moment we are born.  We must learn how to harness our life force so we can attract the people and circumstances we desire, so we can transfrom our intentions and dreams into reality.

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I’m Darla Meulemans, owner & lead practitioner at Mind Potential Northwest, and founder of Awakening Whole Brain Wisdom Programs. I have created a practice that combines cutting edge neuroscience with practical, natural remedies and the timeless wisdom of the ages.  Combining my expertise in mental health & addiction, organizational psychology & business, human relations & social functioning, neuroscience, energy medicine & nutritional healing, I offer an eclectic and complete approach for anyone interested in learning how to awaken to their full potential and master the art of living well.  My mission is to assist my clients in shifting their lives in the direction of optimal health, vitality, meaning and fulfillment on all levels — Mind, Body and Spirit.

Individuals & teams, athletes & performers, corporate leaders & innovators, entrepreneurs & employees, parents & students – no matter what your background, you can benefit from unlocking your potential  and making the Mind a better place to live and our world a better place to be. Contact me today to see how one of my programs can benefit you or someone you love.

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