Understand this… YOU ARE LIMITLESS…
You have the hardware to move way beyond where you are. Intuitively, deep inside, you know this…


~ Ron & Kate Patulski (Master Coaches – Performance University)

Awaken. Evolve. Inspire. Transform.

Performance Training Programs combine coaching sessions with cutting-edge neuro-science, ancient traditions, and research-based best practices.  Mind Potential Northwest offers a synergistic approach to dramatically enhancing performance in business, athletics, education, and the performing arts. Our Executives & Top EmployeesStudentsElite Athletes, and Musicians & Performing Artists, seek to excel and achieve a more consistent performance, while reaching their fullest potential in the board room, in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the spotlight.

Performance Training Programs are custom designed to achieve positive outcomes including:

  • Improved Attention & Concentration
  • Decreased Impulsivity (Errors) and Performance Anxiety
  • Increased Ability to Manage Emotions (anxiety, anger, frustration, etc.)
  • More Effective Decision Making During Performance
  • More Creativity in Problem Solving
  • Increased Access to a Relaxed & Focused State of Play (aka. “The Zone”)
  • Increased Confidence
  • Decreased Injury Recovery Time
  • Improved Rhythm, Timing, and Coordination
  • Improved Ability to Shift Focus and to Self Correct After Mistakes
  • Improved Ability to Regulate the Mind & Body In Times of Change & Turbulence
  • Increased Ability to Quickly Return to the Present, Avoiding Distractions
  • Increased Ability to Mediate the Inner Critic
  • Reduced irritability & upset following performance errors

For Executives & Top Employees

Mind Potential Northwest offers Professional Development and Performance Training to target the essential competencies and attributes your CEO, Management Team, Executive, and Top Employees, need to work optimally – eliminating distractions, improving focus, reducing the effects of stress, and maximizing creative potential.  EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback is used to enhance the skills and competencies of the individual and is often combined with Professional Development Consultation to maximize results and allow the individual to perform at his or her best, under any condition.

Performance Training in the workplace offers brain-based techniques to counteract the deleterious effects of stress in the business environment, while promoting optimal mind-body functioning.  Our approach fine tunes the hub of the Central Nervous System, the Brain, offering Neurofeedback to train the brain to fire in patterns that support a calm, alert presence of mind, healthy physiological functioning, higher levels of thinking, and a balance between emotional regulation and cognitive processing.

A Company’s CEO, Management Team, Top Executives and Employees need to be able to make decisions, think rationally, respond quickly, problem solve, concentrate, manage multiple demands, and stay focused.  If the brain isn’t on board, even the most capable of employees will make mistakes, negatively impacting business performance and sustainability at any level of an organization.  Workplace Performance Training through Mind Potential Northwest gets the brains of your top Leaders back “on-line”.  A customized program is available to meet your business needs.

For Students

Learning in today’s classrooms, whether elementary of college level, presents its challenges to many students.  Even if a diagnosed learning disability isn’t present, students can benefit from the programs offered through Mind Potential Northwest because it effectively teaches clients to regulate specific levels of attention and awareness within the brain, and sustain those changes indefinitely. It makes the brain more “flexible” and improves its ability to enrich cognitive/intellectual functioning, and enhance relaxation, concentration and focus. In countless cases, clients who have required medication, such a stimulants, in order to stay alert and focused, have been able to reduce their use of psychotropic drugs, or eliminate them altogether.

Attention deficits, Dyslexia, and other learning challenges can be reduced and often times eliminated through reprogramming the neural pathways in the brain.  Additionally, clients who have no problems learning, but can’t retain information, can greatly improve their memory through Neurofeedback training.  Also, clients who can learn and can retain, but can’t extract the information at the appropriate times, for example on an exam, can also benefit from training to reduce test performance anxiety.  Whatever the academic issue, peak performance training can help improve results in the classroom.

For Elite Athletes

Getting to the next level in Sports Performance requires physical agility, strength, strategy, and mental skill.  Mind Potential Northwest offers custom designed programs for athletes who want to improve their individual sports performance and increase their competitive edge.  We will work with you to fine tune your ability to focus, concentrate, respond, and easily regulate physical, mental, and emotional states so you can perform at your best.

Mind Potential Northwest offers specific training to address an often overlooked component in sports performance – the mental edge.  Even though athletes report that during competition their mental attitudes account for 80% or more of their success, few training programs systematically train athletes to control this mental asset.  Performance Training through teaches the Athlete how to access an optimal state of physical and mental presence.  This awareness, allows them to take into consideration internal (heart rate, breathing, mental state, physical state) and external variables (noise, weather, distractions) that may effect their performance, and make the appropriate adjustments and compensations.

Athletes wouldn’t consider entering a competition without training and conditioning, in preparation for the event.  Now, through the use of Neurotherapy / EEG Biofeedback / Neurofeedback, a brain wave training technique, athletes can also strengthen and condition their mind, maximizing the potential of their most valuable asset – their health.  If you want to be the best athlete you can be, you must do exercises to condition and sharpen your sensory system as well as your physical body.  This allows the athlete to integrate visual and auditory input and process it at high speeds in order to respond effectively and keep their performance edge. Peak Performance Training through Northwest Insight, LLC, offers an avenue for the serious athlete to experience him or herself at his or her best.

You may also consider services with Green Qi Northwest where you can receive a variety of sports specific services to address pre-existing injuries or weaknesses that may interfere with optimal performance, while enhancing the overall functioning of the physical body.  Services include:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, and other Asian Medicine Techniques to balance the body’s systems, reduce pain, and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal;

Cold Lazer Therapy to reduce scar tissue, pain, and inflammation in the body;

Postural Analysis Evaluations and Functional Exercise to eliminate overuse injuries and stress on the body due to poor alignment.

Kinesio® Taping to offer support to injured muscles while allowing full range of motion and to prevent overuse or over-contraction of the area, facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal.

Fitness Consultation & Recommendations to address the following:

  • Linear speed and lateral quickness
  • Balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Sport specific fundamental skills training
  • Positioning and vertical explosion
  • Dynamic multidirectional movement
  • Muscular strength and endurance

For Musicians and Performing Artists

Many musicians, actors, and dancers experience a marked difference in their performance levels during as an important concert, while filming, or during a show, versus backstage or during rehearsal.  The difference can vary considerably and the Artist who is amazing during a practice session, might well be a disaster during a critical performance.  Performance Training can open the door to your inner creative energy flow, releasing you from patterns that slow you down, and inhibit mastery of your art.

Problems on the performance platform can include:

  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Poor concentration
  • Audience Distractions
  • Anxiety for fast, technically difficult passages
  • Loss of muscle control, stiffness, sweaty, weak or trembling hands
  • Mental blocks
  • Flash-backs of poor performances
  • Having to abandon your performance

Each of the above listed problems all interfere with an Artists ability to sing, play, dance, or even speak.  Through Peak Performance Training, it is possible to work with your anxiety, learn what lies behind it, work with negative thought patterns, and fine tune your focus, so that your energy can be redirected into the music, strengthening your performance, enhancing creativity and expression, and increasing your self-confidence.

Awaken The Wisdom Within